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“Moms in particular make great advocates” - Cindy Changyit Levin


Cynthia (Cindy) Changyit Levin is a mechanical engineer turned activist and global public health advocate. In this episode she explains how motherhood inspired her to leave her corporate career, and well paying job, and find her calling as an activist working on global public health issues. A little over a decade later she is now raising two young activists of her own as well as writing a book and how-to-guide for mothers who wish to go into advocacy. 

The CARE Speaker Series presents thoughtful conversations with leaders on today's pressing issues. In May, CARE celebrates 75 years with its Moments of CARE series. Episode 18 celebrated mothers and their children reflecting on how the next generation can shape the future. Guests include:

  • Former Congresswoman Susan Brooks (R-IND.) & Jessica Brooks

  • CARE President/CEO Michelle Nunn & Colleen Nunn

  • CARE Yemen Humanitarian Coordinator Bushra Aldukhainah & Yusuf Aldhafiry

  • CARE USA Advocates Cynthia Levin & Yara Levin

  • ACLU Director Andrea Young & Taylor Stanley Iyoho

On The Inspired Women Podcast, Megan Hall connects her audience with inspirational cis and trans women, as well as non-binary people who are comfortable in a place that centers the experience of women. Her guests share their real stories and chat about topics relevant to people today.

On this episode, Megan and Cindy chat about advocacy, Cindy's motivations for advocacy work on poverty issues, COVID-19 vaccines,  hunger in America, and how listeners can get involved with advocacy organizations.

This GLOW Webinar focuses on the UN International Day of Girl Child’s theme – “My Voice, Our Equal Future”. Let’s seize the opportunity to be inspired by what adolescent girls see as the change they want, the solutions- big and small- they are leading and demanding across the globe.  American activist Cynthia Changyit Levin is the keynote speaker. 


Young adolescent girls and boys from India and the USA discuss various advocacies they have been part of to assert their power as change-makers. Cynthia moderates and offers guidance to help amplify the voices of girls louder all over the world. 

In her r(E)evolutionary Woman podcasts, Tes talks with women activists and volunteers from around the world to tell their stories and the stories of the women they work with.

Cynthia Changyit Levin is an activist for global health and education. In 2003, her new maternal perspective helped her see difficulties of mothers raising children in poverty more clearly, but added to worries about the future her children would live in. Engaging in advocacy helped her move from feeling helpless about the world’s problems to serving as a board member of a top international advocacy organization and accepting invitations to take part in World Bank meetings and a UN Foundation trip to Africa. 


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Her dream was to be a Disney Imagineer, but Cindy Levin's path took her in a slightly different direction: working as an automobile engineer at GM's proving grounds. While she worked to eliminate vibrations in vehicles, she was allowed on company time to tutor kids in math for one hour per week. Cindy recalls, "that was my favorite part of the week." Fast forward to becoming a new mom, when Cindy began writing letters to Congress and started an advocacy career phase focused on shifting public policy in areas covering poverty and global health. Now, she is finishing a book about how moms make great activists. Learn what it takes to write a book, how volunteering is an ideal career springboard, what it is like to work for nonprofit organizations, and how one person's career journey brought her back to the causes she cares most about and making a better world for our kids.